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About Pathlight

Hello, I’m Paul, Director of Pathlight Ltd.

I'm a psychotherapist in training and a Mental Health First Aid England Instructor Member, based in Saddleworth, Greater Manchester.  

Pathlight Ltd embodies my passion for positive mental health and supporting others on their personal development journeys.  I am fascinated by human behaviour, how our past events affect our daily experiences and how we can find ways to enjoy contended, meaningful, peaceful and joyous lives.  

Pathlight Ltd works passionately in the field of mental health, positive relationships and supporting others on their personal development journeys.  

My mission is to:

1. Raise awareness of, provide support for and remove the stigma around mental health issues; and

2. Enhance mental, emotional and relational wellbeing, empowering others to be who they wish to be.

I am committed to providing an excellent service to all my clients, whether that be through offering training to organisations or personal support to individuals, couples and families.

Previously, I have co-directed a Community Interest Company, which offered early intervention support to strengthen family relationships through mindfulness, connection, communication skills and other holistic practices.  Prior to that, I was a primary school teacher - I love working with children and their families.  I also have much experience in the corporate world - delivering projects, solving problems and managing people. 

Mindfulness plays a big part in my life; my family and I have been using mindfulness techniques and meditative practice for several years, with very positive outcomes.  I have delivered mindfulness training sessions, personal mentoring and coaching in various environments.

Please contact me for more information on the services Pathlight offers, pricing and availability.

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