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How Much Can We Blame On Our Parents?

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As children, we want to be liked, accepted and loved. So we adapt our behaviours to gain the approval of our caregivers and to ‘fit in.’ However, the behavioural adaptations we made in order to survive childhood often do not serve us as adults. At this point we might blame all of our problems on our parents – after all, was it not them who forced us to behave in these unhelpful ways?! But how much can we blame on our parents and to what degree must we be accountable for our choices as adults? How can we bring our unconscious patterns into our awareness and break the inter-generational chain of trauma?

What I Learned From My Placements At Two Psychiatric Hospitals

In the two months leading up to Christmas, I spent two days per week on placement at two psychiatric hospitals. This was part of of my psychotherapy training - giving me a fuller view of mental illness and our mental health system, whilst also helping me understand the limitations of psychotherapy. This blog outlines what I learned from my placements at two psychiatric hospitals.
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Male loneliness: my journey and the epidemic that is as harmful as heart disease

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Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic continues to bring challenges to our personal and social health, there is a hidden epidemic that is a harmful to men's health as heart disease. Loneliness: a taboo subject but one that we need to address urgently. In this blog, Paul explores the individual and social factors beneath loneliness, and shares his personal journey out of chronic loneliness.
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How becoming a Mental Health First Aider changed me

Nazia, our social Media intern, says that becoming a Mental Health First Aider has truly changed her. In this blog, she explains the huge impact this training has had on her. From boosting understanding of mental health to enhancing relationships and changing her approach to self-care, Nazia shares her experience of this empowering training.
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Virtual fundraising festival raises spirits and mental health awareness

With the extended lockdown leading many people to experience mental health issues and significant extra stress, Pathlight Ltd organised Thrive Hive Fest, an online festival to raise spirits and raise awareness of mental health issues. In the process, it raised over £900 for Mind, the mental health charity.