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Driven by a passion to foster positive mental health, compassionate relationships and mindful, productive workplaces, Pathlight are committed to providing excellent training, support and consultancy services.

Pathlight’s mission:

  1. Raise awareness of, provide support for and remove the stigma around mental health issues.
  2. Empower organisations to build positive and efficient workplace cultures, focusing on holistic wellbeing, compassionate management, employee purpose and engagement.
  3. Support individuals and families to enjoy holistic wellness compassionate relationships, achieve their goals and find meaning and purpose in their lives.

What is Mental Health
First Aid Training?


Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an internationally-recognised training course that teaches people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and provide help on a first aid basis.  It’s the mental health equivalent of physical first aid.


Adult MHFA training is aimed at those who wish to support adults who may be experiencing mental health issues, either in their workplace or in their private lives.


MHFA won’t teach you to be a therapist, but it will teach you to listen, reassure and respond, even in a crisis – and even potentially stop a crisis from happening.


What is Workplace Wellbeing?

workkplace wellness

Workplace wellbeing programmes

Pathlight offers bespoke workplace wellbeing programmes to boost productivity, wellness, collaboration and engagement in your organisation.

Our workplace wellbeing solutions can be tailored to your organisation’s needs, from short webinars to in-depth reviews of your workplace culture, including many aspects of your management, HR, staff wellbeing and employee engagement processes.

Pathlight can empower your organisation to develop a positive and efficient workplace culture, focussed on employee-centred wellbeing, holistically incorporating mental, emotional and relational good practice, compassionate management plus employee purpose, motivation and engagement.


Why choose Pathlight?

Hello, I’m Paul, founder of Pathlight.

Pathlight embodies my passion for positive mental health, mindful relationships and fostering inclusive, compassionate, empowering workplaces.

Workplace Wellbeing Programmes
Passion and Experience

This work is our calling.
We do all we can to support, enlighten, inspire and empower others in the field of mental health, workplace wellbeing and relationships.

Excellent Service and Learning Environment
Excellent Service and Learning Environment

A collaborative, professional, respectful and confidential training environment is guaranteed, along with warm, friendly, inclusive facilitation.

Bespoke Training Solutions

Pathlight offer bespoke workplace wellbeing programmes and training to meet your needs, helping your business to develop and embed a positive corporate culture.


We offer ongoing support to individuals and organisations that have attended one of our training programmes. This includes the unique, valuable benefits of our MHFA PLUS+ scheme.

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Why do you need Mental Health First Aid training?
Take a look at what the FSB have to say.

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Paul Wolstenhome
Paul Wolstenhome

Founder and Director of Pathlight Limited

Paul Wolstenholme is a psychotherapist in training, Mental Health First Aid instructor, workplace wellbeing consultant and coach, based in Saddleworth, Greater Manchester.

“Pathlight embodies my passion for mental health advocacy and fostering inclusive, compassionate, empowering workplaces.”

“This work is my calling and I endeavour to do all I can to support, enlighten, inspire and empower others in the field of mental health and workplace wellbeing.  I bring my passion for mental health, wellbeing and personal development, my skills and career experience from the spheres of education, family support and the corporate world, my knowledge from psychotherapy training and my own personal encounters with mental health issues.”

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Pathlight in detail


MHFA England instructor member

As an MHFA England Instructor Member, Pathlight Ltd offers quality assured Mental Health First Aid training to individuals and organisations based in England.

Our unique Mental Health First Aid Plus+ scheme offers valuable, ongoing support to qualified Mental Health First Aiders.



Services for organisations

We offer a range of Mental Health First Aid training courses, bespoke workplace wellbeing programmes, coaching and webinars for organisations based in England.

Ideal for organisations responding to their corporate culture and ethical responsibilities around employee wellbeing.  Our corporate programmes can boost wellbeing, productivity and employee engagement in an inclusive and compassionate way.

about Pathlight

Services for individuals

Coaching and webinars to help you be the best you can be – improving relationships, boosting engagement and productivity in work and reaching your goals.  

Mental Health First Aid training courses for those who wish to identify and support adults who may be experiencing mental health issues, either in their workplace or in their private lives.


Pathlight offers ongoing support to individuals and organisations that have attended our Mental Health First Aid training, workplace wellbeing programmes or webinars.  This includes our unique Mental Health First Aid Plus+ scheme.

  • Zoom, telephone, email or face-to-face support.
  • Regular or one-off reviews.
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Take a look at what some of our past clients have to say

Paul was excellent in all aspects: knowledgable, friendly & encouraging. He provided a safe space for the group to share, listen & learn. I have gained much more of an insight into mental health and how to properly help people.

Man City FC

Manchester City FC


Design, resourcing & craftsmanship of the course was first rate. Made as accesible as possible a deeply complex and often challenging part of human experience whilst maintaining focus on actually empowering people to help others – always cool. Course & facilitator came with full spec compassion.

Diversity Matters NW

Paul was a great trainer & created a warm, safe environment for learning. I highly recommend training with Paul, I feel he has equipped me with key skills which I will use to help others for the rest of my life.


Manchester City FC

Taking time out weekly with Paul as a family allowed the space for us to discuss issues we wouldn’t have done normally.  He was engaging with the children and helped us to learn and put in to practice many techniques.  We’re confident that the sessions we did together will be the foundation of a stronger more harmonious family.

Andy & Liz

Invaluable course & experience.  An absolute beacon of hope for raising awareness and changing lives for the better.  The holistic approach was brilliant.

Paul was a patient, kind and professional instructor.  His open, human-to-human delivery really gave the space for me to explore and develop my understanding.

It has made me reflect on my mental health & well-being as well as giving me the tools to be able to support others.  I feel inspired and hopeful.


Very interactive, very in-depth & covered a lot of content.  Paul presented very well; his knowledge & openness from his own experiences created a very open & safe space.

Man City FC

City Football Group Ltd

Discovering your work…has had a life-changing impact for me.  I admire your cause and deeply value it…Your open approach has inspired me to have a voice.


I absolutely loved completing this course.  I feel empowered and connected.  Paul was fantastic!


I recently took part in the 2 day adult MHFA training course with Paul. What a great course very interesting and enjoyable. Very detailed!
I feel that I have gained some really useful skills and knowledge for myself and to help others.


Fantastic course with a very good and empathetic instructor. Some real, hard hitting information. Great real world application scenarios and great presentation.

Man City FC

City Football Group Ltd


I would 100% recommend this course. It is such a hugely important topic. The course is delivered amazingly and is made very enjoyable despite the heavy or serious nature of some topics. I really enjoyed my experience on the two day MHFA course, and felt the instructors really enriched the experience and teaching. Overall, I would definitely recommend to all as the course is so insightful and the teaching is amazing.



Paul was incredibly warm & welcoming, creating a safe learning environment where I felt very comfortable. I am very grateful to learn these key skills which will help me support others for the rest of my life.

Man City FC

Manchester City FC


I have just completed the 2 day MHFA England course. It is very insightful and gives you lots of tools to use whenever the need arises.  Paul and Rich were both fabulous and always checking that we were ok while dealing with some in-depth mental illness issues.  I would definitely recommend this course.



Great 2 day MHFA course with Rich and Paul. Very informative and gives you the tools and confidence to go forward as a MHFA. Would highly recommend, some very emotive material but both Paul and Rich are sensitive in delivering this and check in where appropriate.



The course was excellent and very well delivered. Paul’s knowledge and delivery were of a really high standard and the content was pitched suitable for all candidates; really impactful.

Man City FC

Manchester City FC


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Latest News from Pathlight

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