Launch of ‘Performing with Compassion’ workplace wellbeing programme

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Workplace wellbeing

Pathlight offers a range of bespoke workplace wellbeing programmes. Today sees the launch of our flagship Performing with Compassion programme.

The holistic nature of our Performing with Compassion workplace wellbeing programme boosts efficiency by enhancing employee wellbeing and re-engineering management and HR processes. It places your employees at the heart of your corporate culture, respecting each person as a unique individual and empowering them to thrive.

Pathlight’s workplace wellbeing programmes benefit both organisations and employees. A recent independent report for the UK government showed that holistic workplace wellbeing interventions produce an RoI (return on investment) of up to 9:1 [1]. Other research suggests that employees with low engagement and wellbeing are 48% more likely to leave their company[2] .
Key outcomes from our holistic programmes are:

  • Improved efficiency, productivity and profitability with less stress and burnout (67% of full-time workers experience burnout )[3]
  • Enhanced employee happiness, motivation & engagement (only 48% of UK workers feel engaged )[4]
  • Reduced costs associated with staff turnover, absence and presenteeism by up to 30% [5]
  • Improved wellbeing (including mental health and self-care)
  • Managers’ people skills boosted; organisation becomes more employee-centric
  • More inclusivity around mental health issues and emotional difficulties

Like all of Pathlight’s workplace wellbeing programmes, Performing with Compassion draws upon a range of evidence-based best practices and research-backed solutions. With broad experience in the fields of psychotherapy, Mental Health First Aid, project management, mindfulness, business analysis and product development, you can have confidence in our ability to deliver highly effective workplace wellbeing solutions.
Pathlight offers ongoing support to individuals and organisations that have benefited from our workplace wellbeing programmes. This optional support can take the form of:

  • Regular or one-off reviews of workplace wellbeing performance; or
  • Ad hoc telephone, email or face-to-face consultancy support on specific issues.

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