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  • Dozens of our inspiring interviews with mental health, holistic wellbeing and personal development professionals
  • ‘Walk & talks’ with Pathlight’s director, Paul Wolstenholme, openly sharing his thoughts, feelings and personal growth experiences
  • Courageous guests sharing their personal mental health journeys
  • Interactive demonstrations of many alternative therapies…and more.
Recent sessions have included:
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All of the content on our YouTube channel originally streamed live on Pathlight Thrive Hive  our our beautiful, friendly online community that we launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  ‘The Hive’, as it has affectionately become known, offers FREE support, resources and connection around mental health, holistic wellbeing and personal development.
Pathlight Thrive Hive has quickly grown into a beautiful community of supportive souls, sharing our personal journeys and learning empowering techniques to navigate life’s challenges.
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