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Alcohol: my uncomfortable journey and our societal addiction

Inspired by Louisa Young’s article on how society and media normalise our destructive habit of drinking, Paul Wolstenholme shares his uncomfortable relationship with alcohol. He recounts his journey from childhood trauma and abstinence to hedonistic binge-drinking, guilt, shame and emotional numbing, from breakdown to spiritual awakening and new behaviour…and a COVID-fuelled relapse.
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Virtual fundraising festival raises spirits and mental health awareness

With the extended lockdown leading many people to experience mental health issues and significant extra stress, Pathlight Ltd organised Thrive Hive Fest, an online festival to raise spirits and raise awareness of mental health issues. In the process, it raised over £900 for Mind, the mental health charity.
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Working From Home: the Risks to Mental Health

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Up to 60% of UK employees are working from home during the pandemic. This brings many risks to our mental health, wellbeing and productivity. The boundaries between work and home life can become blurred, we may fall into unhelpful working habits and the lack of human contact can result in chronic loneliness. This blog explores these issues and suggests how we can avoid the the mental health risks of working from home.