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Pathlight offers a range of bespoke training, support and coaching services for organisations and individuals.
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We offer a range of Adult Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training courses for individuals and organisations.  MHFA is an internationally-recognised training course that teaches people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and provide help on a first aid basis.  It’s the mental health equivalent of physical first aid.


Adult MHFA training is aimed at those who wish to support adults who are experiencing mental health issues – in the workplace or their private lives.

  • Spot the signs and symptoms of mental health issues
  • Identify and respond in a mental health crisis – and even potentially stop a crisis from happening
  • Listen, empathise and converse without judgement
  • Provide information, support and reassurance
  • Signpost to professional and non-clinical forms of support
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Our workplace wellbeing programmes can boost productivity, wellness, collaboration and engagement in your organisation.

Our bespoke solutions can be tailored to your organisation’s needs, from short webinars to in-depth reviews of your workplace culture.  This can include many aspects of your management, HR, staff wellbeing and employee engagement processes.

  • Develop a positive, nourishing and efficient workplace culture
  • Employee-centred holistic wellbeing, meaning and purpose
  • Boost motivation, engagement, productivity, mental health and emotional wellness
  • Compassionate management and relational best practice
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Pathlight’s bespoke coaching supports individuals, families and teams to be the best they can be.  

Enjoy compassionate relationships whilst mindfully connecting to yourself, your purpose and the world around you.  We can also help you to achieve goals, enjoy positive mental and holistic health, boost productivity and engagement in all areas of your life.

  • Coping with stress, loneliness, anxiety, depression and other challenges
  • Helping individuals and teams achieve goals, boost productivity, focus & direction
  • Support around parenting, relationship & communication issues
  • Nurturing holistic wellbeing, including mindfulness & physical health
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Pathlight’s webinars and interactive workshops help individuals and organisations develop key skills to enhance performance, relationships, awareness and compassion.

Our range of powerful and inspiring webinars and workshops draw upon a range of evidence-based best practices.

  • Leadership, compassionate management and corporate culture
  • Workplace mental health
  • Working from home/home-schooling
  • Stress, anxiety, resilience & self-care
  • Compassionate communication
  • Motivation, purpose and meaning
  • Mindfulness for resilience, stress, equanimity and difficult emotions
  • Positive mindset and overcoming unhelpful thoughts and behaviours
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Organisations and individuals can enjoy valuable ongoing support from Pathlight’s unique Mental Health First Aid PLUS+ scheme.  

We offer bespoke post-training CPD and supervisory support to individuals and organisations that have attended our Mental Health First Aid training programmes.

  • In-role CPD: enhance your communication skills, work through case studies, embed best practice. 
  • Emotional and practical support for those affected by an incident in their role as a Mental Health First Aider.
  • Organisational reviews to refresh and optimise how MHFA is embedded into your workplace.
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